Planigle is an easy to use tool to help you manage your backlog, your iterations and your releases.

Agile principles state that you should make things as simple as possible and that you should value people over tools or processes. Many of the agile planning tools today take the opposite approach. The idea is to provide a complete solution that your people can use as their view into their development life. The unfortunate result of these many capabilities is that life becomes complex. The tool becomes the focus rather than what you need it to be: just a tool.

When we created Planigle, our goal was to create something that is incredibly easy to use and allows you to focus on what's important: your people and your backlog. A tool that could easily be used in iteration or release planning and that would not distract from the problem at hand: planning just as much as you need to and working through the plan.

Another goal was to make the tool available to as large a group as possible. To allow for that group to contribute back based on their own experiences. To make it free for those who need it free and to offer support and additional services to those who need them. To accomplish this, we made it open source (not just the integration, but all of the Community Edition; see the project page for community info). We made it using the latest technologies (so that it is easy to extend and provides the best user interface). We made it available as a hosted service (go to the Planigle Login link above).

More information on Planigle:

For any questions, issues or suggestions, send email to our support team.