Planigle, LLC provides tools, training and consulting to help teams adopt and get the most out of agile development principles and practices.

We've spent the past several years helping teams to adopt, get the most out of, and scale agile development principles and practices. We can help you leverage this experience in your environment so that you can avoid pitfalls and get agile to where you need it to be in a much shorter time than would be otherwise possible.

Our agile project management product, Planigle, is a powerful, but simple to use tool to help you manage your backlog, release and iterations. It does one thing and does it well (unlike other offerings which tend to get overly complex by taking on too much). It is based on open source, so you can make your own additions. You have the option of deploying it in your environment or leveraging our hosted service.

Walter Bodwell
Founder and CEO

Since 2008, Walter has alternated between doing agile and helping others with it. As VP of Engineering at Qcue, Walter established the engineering team and rolled out agile throughout the organization. He led the creation of two product lines through 200 iterations of development. At the same time, he trained and consulted with many other organizations from startups to enterprises in helping them to establish and improve their agility.

Prior to that, as a Senior Director of Engineering at BMC Software, Walter Bodwell introduced agile development practices successfully into multiple organizations. In the process, he scaled agile to up to 200 engineers across multiple continents. The result was higher value, higher quality and improved customer satisfaction. Team morale went up significantly as did visibility on what was going on (and where the problems were that needed to be solved next). For a video presentation including an interview with Walter on his experiences at BMC Software, click here.

Walter's first experience with agile development began at Evity (a startup). Using agile, Evity produced a beta version of software within 4 months, a first release within 6 months and was acquired by BMC Software for $100 million after 9 months.

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