Welcome to Planigle!

This site is all about helping you to adopt and use agile development practices. The goal is for it to develop into a place where people can discuss and share best practices. On it, we'll share our ideas on Agile and link to those of others. Forums have been created for the open exchanges of ideas.

To help facilitate the use of Agile, we've created an open source agile project management tool: Planigle. While some would say that you're better off with stickies and a piece of butcher paper, tools can be helpful in many scenarios. First, if the team is distributed. In this situation, there is no one physical place to which everyone has easy access. Second, if the team is large (i.e., multiple teams). It becomes complicated to manage across backlogs / keep track of what everyone is doing. Third, it allows people outside the team to have access. Namely, the customer (who is rarely on site).

There are several commercial Agile project management tools out there: Rally, VersionOne, Mingle, ScrumWorks, et al. Many of these are great products and can be very helpful.

However, we personally believe in open source when it comes to development tools. You should be able to customize the tools to your needs and you should be able to use them for free. There are a lot of open source options as well. Most never made it out of the gate. XPlanner is most commonly referenced, but it hasn't been worked on in several years.

So we decided to start a new one based on Ruby on Rails and Flex. We hope the combination will give us agility (with Ruby) as well as a flashy user interface (with Flex). Go to http://code.google.com/p/planigle to get the source and / or run it yourself. If you make any changes or would like to become a regular contributor, email us at support@planigle.com.

We're also offering Planigle as a hosted service (to make it really easy). It is currently in a restricted beta. If you'd like to participate, email us at support@planigle.com.